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  • Mason Holgate
    Now he's had a run in the side due to unfortunate circumstances with Coleman I just wondered what everyone through of his recent performances.He was one of the only players to come out with any credit on Saturday following an abject team performance a...
  • Matty Foulds/Chris Renshaw
    New exciting threadWill they make the first team?
  • Yesterday's new stadium experience.
    I desperately hope we don't end up with a stadium like West Ham have now as it just isn't right for football and I suspect it can't be altered much more.However, and the reason this isn't in the B M thread, atmosphere wise it wasn't nearly as bad as I...
  • Swansea away
    Anyone with tickets to sell for Swansea away please contact me.
  • Arsenal Ticket
    Might be a bit difficult being the last game of the season. But I need one for this.
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