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Roberto explains medical situation at Everton

martinezRoberto Martinez has almost denied that he and outgoing Everton medicine man Danny Donachie had disagreements about bringing players back from injury too soon.

The Everton boss said that he was also working hard to bring in more medical professionals to try and avoid the glut of injuries that the Blues currently suffer from.

“Danny had been here for a long, long time and he felt it was time for him to move on,” Martínez explained. “I wouldn’t say it’s the case he moved on because we had disagreements, not really.

“It’s like anything in these situations – you need to find answers, you need to work hard, it maybe becomes harder to work every day than others, but I don’t think it had anything to do with that. Danny resigned and Matt Connery, who’s been here for 12 years, is taking over but we’re trying to bring more people on board.”

Physios and managers having differences of opinion is nothing new at Everton.  Mick Rathbone left Everton four years ago and cited the fact that every player has his own personal trainer who will tell the manager when they feel the player is fit to play – which isn’t always when the club medical team think they are ready.

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