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Everton are head and shoulders above the rest

Steve WatsonFormer Everton utility man Steve Watson has said that he regrets leaving the Blues, a club he says is head and shoulders above any other club he has played for.

Watson left Goodison Park at the end of the 2004-05 season to join West Brom after being offered only a year long contract, but now says he wishes he had stayed and tried to earn more deals after that year had run out.

Watson’s finest hour came in the game against Leeds United in 2003 when he was pushed up front and bagged himself a hat trick, including a wonderful 30 yard strike.

“Looking back, I totally regret it,” Watson told the Liverpool Echo.

“I just think the way I played and the contribution I’d made meant I deserved more than a one year deal.

“I had just turned 30, if I had been 34 or 35 then I would have snapped the club’s hand off. But at 30 and with four kids I had to turn it down.

“If they had offered me two years then I would’ve snapped their hand off and money wasn’t the issue, it was just about the security of knowing I was going to be there.

“But the club wouldn’t budge on a year and Bryan Robson made me feel wanted and offered me a three year deal.

“But I regret it now and I should’ve trusted myself to get another year and then another year.

“I felt a little but undervalued with just the offer of a one year deal.

“When I look back at my career and speak to my wife about it, Everton was a huge part of it. Obviously I’m a Newcastle fan and always will be but Everton is head and shoulders above the other clubs I played for.”

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