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As if Tic Tacs weren’t bad enough – ITV Sport stoops to a new low

itv football is crapWhen Everton beat Liverpool in the 2009 FA Cup fourth round replay, ITV Sport missed the winning goal by showing an advert for Tic Tacs instead, and tonight after the Blues beat BSC Young Boys in the Europa League, they missed the chance to hear from the Everton manager.

Pointless little mint things – with bizarre citrus variants – are one thing, but replaying an interview with Daniel Sturridge that had already been shown before the game is another.

With twenty minutes to go before Everton kicked off the Round of 32 in Switzerland, ITV Sport showed an in-depth interview with Sturridge in which he states that without a shadow of a doubt, he knows exactly what he is.  Quite how he lives with that burden is another matter, but it’s good to know that he shares our low opinion of himself.

That was bad enough – ITV were showing the Liverpool game against Besiktas after the Everton game on another channel where build-up to their game could have been carried.

But then, after the Blues had become the first side in three years to beat the Berne side on their own turf in European competition, ITV elected to replay the interview with the Liverpool breakdancer – just as they were showing him kick off the match against Besiktas on the other side.

There were no interviews with hat-trick hero Romelu Lukaku, manger Roberto Martinez, or a reborn Ross Barkley.  Instead viewers were subjected to a replay of an interview they weren’t interested in the first time it was shown.

But then what do we expect from a channel that followed Peter Andre around for a year with some cameras and then called it entertainment?

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