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Jags: Extra games no excuse

Everton in EuropeEverton captain Phil Jagielka says that playing the extra games of European competition this season can be no excuse for poor performances in the Premier League.

The Blues’ captain said that there is a mental tiredness associated with playing extra games in midweek, but that he wants to play those extra games as it means the club are doing well.

“You do feel tired,” Jagielka said.

“You are bound to feel that bit more tired because you are doing more high intensity running than you would do in training but it’s a mental thing as well.

“If we want to go and play Champions League football, play European football regularly and go far in these competitions then we need to expect this many games per season,

“I don’t want to play 20 games a season and feel great. I want to play as many as possible, get through them and do a job.

“I think it is a slight mental thing but, maybe, at the other end of the pitch those one or two per cent you lose might make a difference when you need to be that bit more explosive or creative.

“I’m not saying that defenders are boring and uncreative but their style of play is different and we’ll all feel tired for different things but it is a bit more noticeable if a ball comes in and someone has a bad touch when they are potentially going to score.

“Whereas, if my clearance goes 10 yards left or right of where I meant it, it’s a little bit different.

“So it does have an effect, but if you are looking for it to be an excuse then it can only be unhelpful to think that way.”

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