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[Audio] Roberto Martinez reviews the season with Evertonians

martinezOn Friday afternoon, Everton boss Roberto Martinez sat down with a group of Evertonians to discuss this season and his plans for the summer.

Several Everton fan sites were involved, including NSNO.co.uk, Bluekipper, When Skies Are Grey, Toffeeweb, sos1878, and Followtonians, and the club asked all parties to hold back the release of the interview until today so that each site had time to format their content the way they like.

Many of you will have already read the highlights of the interview, however, thanks to the inability of some people to keep their fingers under control, but below is the full audio recording of the afternoon for you to listen to.

The format of Friday’s meeting was slightly different to previous meetings, and rather than a flowing “conversational” type interview, the group – sat in a circle with Martinez – went round and individually asked their questions.

He was open, honest, and as you’ll hear, didn’t duck any questions.  Although we’re not sure if everyone will like all of the answers.

We would like to thank Roberto for his time, and to those involved in setting the meeting up.  It was also nice to see Robert Elstone sit in on the meeting.

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