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A proposal of Everton proportions

Goodison Marriage Proposal on the pitchWhen an Everton fan wants to propose to his girlfriend, there are many ways to do it, but flying over Goodison at 1,000ft to reveal a message on the pitch is a new one on us!

Marriage proposals at Goodison Park are not too uncommon and have taken place on the pitch, in the goalmouth and in the stands, however, earlier this week Goodison Park witnessed a new first as supporter Wayne proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Bekki Whalley, 1000ft in the air!

Wayne, from Ormskirk, persuaded girlfriend Bekki of eight years to accompany him on a helicopter ride for a job interview, which was in fact a ruse for him to pop the question.

The couple took to the skies of Merseyside to flyover Goodison Park, where Wayne had organised for the marriage proposal to be spelt out using two-metre high letters across the hallowed turf, saying: ‘Bekki will you marry me?’

Little did Bekki know that the camera man on-board the helicopter was from evertonTV and in on the surprise all along and there to capture the moment Bekki said ‘yes’ to Wayne.

Speaking about the proposal Wayne said: “I wanted to combine the two biggest loves of my life, Everton and Bekki, and thought what better canvass to use than Goodison Park.

“It took me about six months to plan and sort the proposal out – it has been really stressful but I am so delighted she said yes!”

Everyone at Everton wishes Bekki and Wayne many congratulations and the best of luck for the future.

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