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Has Kenwright just formed the billionaire dream team at Everton?

farhad moshiriWith Everton announcing the investment from Farhad Moshiri which gives him a major stake in the Blues, has this been the dream takeover Evertonians – and Bill Kenwright – have been hoping for?

Rumours have been rife that Everton were close to a takeover, with Noell Charles and John Jay Moores heading up a deal which saw the American pair enter into an exclusivity agreement with the Blues in December.  However, nothing came of that interest and instead Kenwright has revealed that he had been working on a deal with Moshiri for the last 18 months.

The deal is rumoured to leave Kenwright in the Chairman’s seat at Goodison Park, with the promise of investment into the playing staff and the stadium coming from Moshiri.

This is exactly the kind of deal that many believe Kenwright has been “searching 24/7” for since he took over 16 years ago.

With financial backing comes no guarantee of success, but with serious financial backing and a lifelong supporter of the club at the helm, one who in the past has only been hamstrung by his own lack of personal wealth, gives a much better chance.

Few could argue that Bill Kenwright is a huge Everton fan, but many argued that his lack of wealth in a Premier League era stacked with billionaire owners throwing money around like there was no tomorrow held Everton back.  And they would probably be bang on the money, if you pardon the pun.

Now, though, it would seem that Kenwright has a backer who will help him achieve his ambitions for the club.

Is this what we have all been hoping for?  Discuss it on our Everton forums.

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