Everton Podcasts

It’s coming home….(well, back, technically)

NSNO studio micThe longest running (yes it is, we did our first episode in 2005) Everton podcast is coming back….

After a break of god-knows how long (but not as long as Wayne Rooney’s break at Manchester United) the NSNO Everton Podcast will return for the new season with two episodes a week (let’s see how long that lasts though.)

There will be a star-studded cast (at least one of them will be wearing a stud-earing in the shape of a star, but even if they’re not, it’s a podcast and we’ll just lie) joining Si and Bally in the new – secret for now – recording venue.

There will be a return of some of the old features, if we can remember what they were, and the introduction of some new ones as well.  We’ll decide which ones we like as we go along, and then we’ll forget and we’ll include the rubbish bits again the next week.

There are some new rules this time out as well, which state that we’re not going to swear on this one.  Seriously.  No swearing.  When we’re talking about Everton.  Thank god we’ve got a billionaire owner splashing the cash and some boss new players to rave about, eh!

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