The NSNO Everton podcast


The NSNO podcast started life in 2005 with a one-off podcast which proved popular with NSNO users, but ultimately didn’t see a second edition until three years later when a short run of podcasts petered out before, in 2010, we decided to make a go of things and make it a regular thing.

With monthly episodes proving popular, in January 2011 the decision was made to record weekly podcasts to feed the growing popularity of the cast.

About our hosts : Bally, Si, Thom

Special guests

In October 2010 Everton legend Bob Latchford joined the NSNO boys in the studio and recorded a full podcast, while in late 2010 – early 2011 we hosted a special 2-part interview with Dr David France.  For the first weekly podcast we were joined by Dave and John from the Evertonians for Change campaign group, and more former players are planned for coming episodes.

Socially interactive

The NSNO Everton podcast is socially aware, in the online sense at least, and we take questions from our @nsno twitter feed as well as our Facebook fan page

Fast paced

Because the NSNO Everton podcast is recorded live, in one take, the pace is fast and lively.  We have made a conscious decision to avoid editing the podcast, so what you hear is what we said, as we said it, and as it happened.

100% unofficial

The NSNO Everton podcast is unofficial and unbiased.  We present our own views and promote the views of others among the Everton community.  We sometimes take the mickey, especially through our “Internet Warrior” and “Poster of the week” sections!

So, what are you waiting for?  Sit back and enjoy one of our episodes either directly on this site, or download it from here, or subscribe via iTunes…

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